Holiday Gift Guide for French Bulldogs

If you’re shopping for a French Bulldog this holiday season, check out my holiday gift guide for some of the cutest stuff from small business owners!

The Basics

While collars are plentiful and can include a bow tie or flower, every French Bulldog needs a harness.

Pawmigo Harness |

Pawmigo launched their first line of harnesses this year offering five harnesses that are named after days of the week. My personal favorite is a Fri-yay because of its food theme!

Pawmigo Harness |

For my friends in Canada, check out BatPigCo their first product is a matching harness, collar and leash. Theunique feature of their harness is that it has fasteners on the neck as well as torso making it great for those dogs who can’t do the over the neck harnesses.

BatPigCo |


You can’t be a French Bulldog on Instagram if you’re not making a statement and there’s no better way to do it than with a statement tee from The CLB House.

Dibs Thanksgiving Tee The CLB House |

Pull up to the Thanksgiving table and let everyone know what your plans are.

Tee The CLB House |

Or let Aunt Edna know how everyone feels about her incessant chatter.

Tee The CLB House |

It’s not just Thanksgiving, get into the Christmas spirit with this Elf-inspired tee!

Tee The CLB House |


The CLB House also offers bandannas which you can customize with your French Bulldog’s name.

Dibs Thanksgiving Tee The CLB House |

Just across the river from Cincinnati in Covington, KY is home to Applehead City Pet a conscious groomery and organic boutique offering the Skarf. You’ve got to check out their website and see who is on it!

Applehead City Pet Skarf |

Home Decor

Another Cincinnati-based company that offers cute door mats and pillows is Dognatti. She started with a Doodle line and is expanding to other breeds so if you have a request, talk to her! She had really cute Doodle pumpkin pillows in the fall.

dognatti pillow |

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Holiday Gift Guide from Vincecincy

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