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Birthday Dog in Kids Car vincecincy.com
How To

Plan the Perfect Dog Birthday Party

Are you hoping to plan the the perfect dog birthday party? Six months before Vince’s birthday, my nieces asked if Vince was going to have a birthday swim party and would it be a luau? While I hadn’t given…

How to Photograph Dogs in Glasses | vincecincy.com
How To, Photography

Photographing Dogs in Glasses

What’s the trick to Photographing Dogs in Glasses? After posting several photos on Instagram of Vince in sunglasses to celebrate National Sunglasses Day on June 27, I got several questions how does he do it? More like how do…

VinceCincy.com House Train a French Bulldog
How To

How to House Train a French Bulldog

While some French Bulldog owners may want to use the breed’s stubborn nature as an excuse give up before trying to house train a French Bulldog puppy, I found quick success by using a consistent routine. Vince joined me…