Teddy Try-On: Pup Must Haves

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Even though Teddy is a French Bulldog like Vince, he is different in that he LOVES toys and he does not have the same food sensitivities. I was so excited to get Babbleboxx’s Pup Must Haves so that Teddy could try-on some new toys, food, and treats!

Chicken Squeak Toy from Multipet International

Multipet International

The first thing Teddy sniffed out of he box was this colorful chicken squeak toy from Mulitpet International. The Globken dog toy is made of soft latex which makes it easy for Teddy to get into his mouth, squeak, and run around with it.

Teddy is learning “drop it” and “fetch” so this has a been a fun new toy for playtime, which I always supervise and encourage other pet owners to do the same. The squawk the chicken makes really gets Teddy’s attention and he knows I’m ready to play with him when I pick it up.

Multipet makes the Lamb Chop® plush dog toy that so many pups love and so many owners remember from Shari Lewis. Vince had a big one that he used a pillow and Teddy snuggled a as a puppy. He had a smaller one that was dressed for St. Patrick’s Day, but this one is just the right size for carrying around and offering to me so we can play fetch.

Visit their website to learn more about Multipet International toys and below, enter for your chance to win a bundle of Multipet toys!

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Lamb Chop from Multipet International

Pet Wants

It’s so hard not to compare Teddy to Vince, but Vince loved and did well on salmon based products so naturally I’ve started with similar proteins for Teddy.

Pet Wants Wild Caught Freeze-Dried Salmon are not farm-raised, but wild-caught salmon from the Pacific Northwest. These are a fresh, single-source (salmon) treat that I am using as a high-value reward for loose leash training. With being freeze-dried in a resealable bag, I don’t have to store them in refrigerator.

Wild Caught Freeze-Dried Salmon from Pet Wants are a great source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids and help support the heart, kidneys and brain, reduces inflammation, and helps to repair dry, flaky skin.

Visit the Pet Wants website to find a location near you or to order have them ship directly to your door!

I opened the Peanutty Cookie from Pet Wants and Teddy couldn’t wait to see this human-grade treat made with only five ingredients. Did he know all that? No, he just knew he smelled peanut butter, but I like knowing we have a fresh treat, that is a great for travel, and made with fresh ingredients. Not that Teddy needs any more energy, but these are iron boosting and health-rich protein that can be delivered to our door!

Again, visit the Pet Wants website to find a location near you or to order and get free delivery!


If you are looking for a way to improve the meat to carb ratio of your pet’s food, consider a meal topper. NubONubs Meal Booster is a 100% freeze-dried meat meal topper that add on top of your pet’s food. That’s it – just sprinkle on top of your pup’s meal and you’re adding freeze-dry raw food with vitamins and minerals.

Dinovet is offering readers a 15% discount off any of the three Meal Booster flavor when you use code: BOXX15. Code is valid from 2/1/22-3/31/22 and can be used twice per customer.

Champion Pet Food

If you are looking to give your pup a raw nutrition, consider the ACANA dog food recipes, which are carefully crafted from start to finish and are infused with bone broth. Teddy will get the benefit and taste of raw nutrition but I don’t have to deal with a mess.

Featuring protein-rich animal ingredients that are balanced with fruit and vegetables ACANA® Freeze-Dried Food comes in both morsels and patties. Teddy sampled the freeze-dried morsels prepared as a topper so that I could put it on his lick mat since he is still learning not to gobbled up all his food from his bowl.

Thank you BabbleBoxx for sharing these products with us as I figure out what food and treats Teddy can tolerate and toys that keep him engaged.

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