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National Pizza Day | February 9

If there’s one made up holiday I love, it’s National Pizza Day on February 9.

I have simple DIY photo prop idea that can be easily transformed and used throughout your photos.

Kissing Booth – 2017

I bought a crate and added two sticks to make a kissing booth for my Valentine’s Day photos. I soon realized with a stash of colorful felt I could use this for any holiday or celebration. The back side of the booth has several adhesive hooks so that I can tie on the sign and banner.

I free-form cut the letters from felt so that it has a childish, homemade look and because it is easier and faster than finding stencils. But you might have access to a vinyl cutter, check your library. I know mine has one, but the library isn’t open at 11pm when I have these strokes of genius!

Vince Cincy DIY Kissing Booth for dog photos

Pizza Stand – 2018

I picked up pizza-themed flannel fabric to make Vince a bandanna and cut out a few slices to make a banner for his stand. I also had red gingham fabric that used on the pizza booth as well as the back side to his bandanna.

I don’t know if I over did it with the letter board, but for me pizza is life.

National Pizza Day with

Pizza Puns – 2019

In addition to the photo I’ll post on Instagram, I have created a PDF of tearable puns that are terrible puns about pizza. I know it’s confusing until you see it, so sign up below to get one your inbox!

Instagram Tip

DogsofInstagram shared my photo on their story in celebration of National Pizza Day and I think I gained 12 new followers. In case you were thinking the key to growing your Instagram account is getting featured by an account with a couple million followers, you might have better luck with a post in their feed, but with Stories you only have 24 hours to be seen by their followers who have to be motivated enough to visit your profile and click follow.

National Pizza Day with on Dogs of Instagram

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Pizza Prop National Pizza Day with

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