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Lend Your Instagram Dog to a Good Cause

If you’re interested in lending your Instagram dog to a good cause and raise money for a nonprofit here are some tips to help pull off a wildly successful event!

We had the opportunity to partner with Red Dog Pet Resort in Cincinnati who wanted to host a benefit for a nonprofit. Because of his Instagram presence, Vince was billed as the co-host of the event and asked to help promote it. Red Dog Pet Resort worked out the details of the event and communicated with the non-profit. 

Vince Cincy and Red Dog Pet Resort For the Love of Frenchies event at Oakley Wines

1. Secure a venue. Chances are there is a dog-friendly venue that will host your event along with donating a portion of sales to the non-profit, you just have to ask around until you find the right one. By holding the event at a dog-friendly venue verses using a dog park, you’re able to partner with the venue in the raising fund effort and entertain the humans who after all hold the money. 

An ideal venue will have great lighting and plenty of room, but sometimes it’s hard to get all those qualifications in one spot. The wine bar we partnered with had us in the basement, very cozy for a romantic date night, but not ideal for getting photos of the event.

Vince CIncy and Thelma French Bulldog at For the Love of Frenchies event at Oakley Wines

2. Partner with a non-profit. Since a non-profit will be recipient of the fund raising events, it’s best to choose one that will be as invested in the event as you. A couple things you might request their participation in:
*Promoting the event to their social media and newsletter audiences

*Attend the event and be able to talk to attendees

*Socially share after the event and send thank yous (or donation acknowledgment letters) the venue and participating vendors

This last one is a big one for me since donors are the backbone of a non-profits and without donations, non-profits wouldn’t be able to complete their mission.   

3. Vendors. Pick a venue that allows enough room for you to invite dog-friendly vendors who will donate a portions of proceeds to the non-profit or ask for a flat donation. 

4. Spread the word. At least a month prior, create a Facebook event post as well as a graphic for sharing on Instagram. Share this information with the non-profit and vendors as well as any others you’ve recruited to spread the word. 

Vince CIncy French Bulldog at For the Love of Frenchies event at Oakley Wines

5. Donation bucket. Have a designated bucket for attendees to use if they want to make a contribution, but don’t necessarily want to drink or eat the whole event.

6. Be prepared. Most owners know their dogs temperament and whether they will do well in a room full of people and dogs, but some do not. Bring a water bowl full of small pebbles or dried beans to rattle when dogs encounter each other and don’t get along. 

7. Dog Bowls. It might be a dog-friendly venue, but that doesn’t mean it has a lot of water bowls. You can pick up dog water bowls at store or use containers that are easy to pick up for refills. Or keep a gallon jug of water near each bowl so when they’re low any dog owner can help the pack out with a quick refill.

8. Have fun. If it’s your first event, you may find with no matter the planning, something will may come up. You may encounter attendees who will tell you how you should have done something differently and you can take that opportunity to ask them to help plan the next event!  

9. Thank you. After the event, share a post with how much money was raised and thank the venue, vendor, and attendees.

Vince Cincy and Red Dog Pet Resort For the Love of Frenchies event at Oakley Wines

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