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How to Remove Lingering Pet Odors

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During quarantine, I’ve spent most of my time in two places: outside with Vince and inside the house cleaning.

How to Remove Lingering Pet Odors with Tide One Wash Miracle

I usually do a deep cleaning in the Spring – the kind where I’m cleaning the dishwasher and washing machine before using them so that my laundry efforts are not defeated.

Lingering Pet Odors

Since I had extra time to be prompt about moving clean laundry from the washer to the dryer, I thought I would be able to avoid having musty clothes. 

Vincecincy Tide One Wash Miracle

But as I pulled the clean laundry out of the dryer and sniffed it, I realized that my current laundry supplies were not getting it done; the blankets still smell like Vince and I had musty-smelling towels that would continue to be musty even after drying. 

I was in search of a different product than just detergent and vinegar; I needed something that would take that deep musty towels smell out of the towels and leave my duvet free of Vince’s pet smell. Enter Tide One Wash Miracle.

How to Remove Lingering Pet Odors with Tide One Wash Miracle

Tide One Wash Miracle

Tide One Wash Miracle comes packaged as a little container with a dual-chamber for an odor eliminating agent and a specially formulated cleaning detergent in the other.

It is not a replacement for your regular laundry detergent, instead Tide One Wash Miracle is meant for those musty laundry loads with tough smells that need an extra-powerful wash.

I followed the package directions removing the shrink wrap and tossing it in with my first load – the duvet cover and sheets – with a goal of removing the lingering pet odor that my cute buddy leaves after snuggling with me!

The Sniff Test

Usually as I move the clean laundry to the dryer, I can tell if it still has a lingering odor but after using Tide One Wash Miracle, I had clean laundry. Clean laundry that was free of pet odors and towels that would not be stinky after a shower. Folding the duvet and sheets, I did not catch Vince’s signature scent nor did I smell it when I was putting them on the bed. 

The final sniff test comes when the pillowcases are on the pillows and I lie down because Vince also has a habit of sitting on the pillows after I get out of bed. All the pillowcases smelled clean without any linger pet odor from Vince.

None of my laundry had tough set-in stains, but Tide One Wash Miracle would be an excellent addition to anyone who welcomed a pandemic puppy and is working on potty-training.

How to Remove Lingering Pet Odors with Tide One Wash Miracle

Special Offer

Whether your dog leaves lingering pet odors on your bedding, you have musty towels or musty workout clothes, use code OFFERS20 to get 20% off your order of Tide One Wash Miracle and experience laundry free of lingering odors. 

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How to Remove Lingering Pet Odors with Tide One Wash Miracle



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