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How to Eliminate Dog Odors at Home

Does Vince sleep with me? Yes!
Is Vince allowed on the furniture? Yes!
You’re looking at the face of who runs this house!

How to Eliminate Dog Odors

What’s Mine is His

What’s the point of having a pup for companionship if we can’t spend time together snuggling on the sofa or in bed? And as we head into the cooler months it is especially important to me that all the blankets and bedding stay fresh. I am that person who pulls the blankets up to my chin so they’re so close to my nose. Meanwhile, Vince is that dog who sits on top of every blanket.

How to Eliminate Dog Odors | vincecincy.coma

How to Eliminate Dog Odors at Home

I knew I was signing up for dog odor when I welcomed him home. But thanks to a cleaning and laundry routine that includes Febreze In-Wash Odor Eliminator, there is no scent that says HOUSE OF DOG! Oh sure, no one can miss the puppy beds in every room, the basket of dog toys, and Velcro Vinny himself just a few feet from me, but a nose will never know!

This isn’t for a lack of trying on Vince’s part. If he had it his way, he would spend most of his waking time outside chasing squirrels, doing zoomies, playing in the rain, and rolling through the best lawns in our neighborhood. When he comes inside, he has a specific routine of going around the house and sharing every bit of the outdoors he has collected.

How to Eliminate Dog Odors | vincecincy.coma

Spread Dog Hair Like Confetti

He visits each of the area rugs to roll off any grass and pollen. Then, he hydrates with big, messy gulps of water that roll down his chin so he heads back to a rug to dry off his face and maybe blow his nose like a tiny foghorn. If he gets a pumpkin ice cube treat, he takes that to slop on the rug. The rugs collect a lot of his treasures. If I had to guess, he lives by the motto spread dog fur and slime like confetti.

How to Eliminate Dog Odors | vincecincy.coma

Leave No Crumb Behind

After that, he takes a quick lap around the house to make sure nothing changed since going outside. If I head into the kitchen to prepare dinner, he trots in like he’s never been fed and serves as crumb patrol.

My Favorite Time of Day

Once dinner is over, he knows it is sofa-city time, my favorite time of day! Since he is trained to wait for an invite up on the sofa, he rests his chin on the edge of the sofa until I lift him up. After landing on the sofa, he paws at his blanket until he makes the perfect napping nest.

How to Eliminate Dog Odors | vincecincy.coma

By the close of a day, Vince has spent time sleeping in each of his dog beds, rolled on every rug, bunched up the blankets, and snuggled all the pillows. There is no part of this house that he hasn’t touched or rolled. With Febreze In-Wash Odor Eliminator as my laundry aid, I know it will eliminate odors that can be hard to remove with just detergent alone. There is no worry that the rugs are going to remain funky from wet dog paws or shoes and if my family comes to visit, I don’t worry the blankets will make them cringe. If I could make a snuggly pillow in the shape of the bottle, I would add it to sofa-city!

If you’re ready to expel the smell, grab a $4 off coupon for Febreze In-Wash Odor Eliminator or add it to your next order on Amazon.

How to Eliminate Dog Odors | vincecincy.coma

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