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How to Create a Photography Studio at Home

I’m going to share how to create a photography studio at home when you’re not a photographer AND you want to take appealing images of you pup indoors.

This is the information I wish I had the first day I had Vince, so I could capture adorable puppy photos, which we all know can stop a thumb from continually flicking upward on social media!

French Bulldog Sailor |

Learn from My Mistakes

Starting Vince’s Instagram account was to not flood my personal page with dog photos. I did not have a plan of what types of photos to share or a profile theme. Also, I didn’t intend for Instagram to suck me in and make me wish I took better puppy photos, but here I am!

French Bulldog Sailor |

Most of my first photos of Vince are dimly lit and blurry because he joined me in fall, I’m not home during the day, and he was a playful puppy! He knew sit and was learning stay, but by the time I crouched down to get the angle I wanted, he was over it. Eventually I figured out how to incorporate training while being a one-woman dog photographer.

Get ready to gather a few items so you can create a photography studio at home.

Tools of the Trade

  • Camera – the best camera is the one you’ve got and know how to use whether it’s your mobile device or a DSLR¬†
  • Lights – shoot in natural light so you don’t need to edit much or have to worry about setting up photography lights¬†
  • Tripod – coupled with the remote shutter it allows you to be one-woman photographer
  • Remote Shutter – if your pup is food motivated, you can keep the shutter in one hand and work commands and treats from the other
  • Ottoman – if you want to elevate your pup so you’re not on the ground or need to save your back and knees
  • Blank Wall – Preferably this wall is opposite your natural light source
  • Chair – you see many smaller dogs photographed in those Eames-inspired molded chairs
  • Blankets – I have solid grey and solid white blankets that I cover furniture with to create a background
  • Commands – sit, stay, pose whatever combination of words you use to mark the behavior you want from your pup, he needs to have an understanding of commands

Dog Photo Studio at Home |

The walls I use are in two different rooms, but both are opposite big windows that get morning light so I usually take photos on the weekend mornings. Both walls have an electrical outlet that I try to cover.

Halloween Dog Photos at Home |
The posed photo of Vince against a solid wall is one way showcase Vince in all the things I love! He does not mind wearing costumes, clothes, or glasses while posing with a felt letter board, light box sign, a lemonade stand, or holiday decorations.
Dog Photo Studio at Home |

At times I have put the blanket over the sofa and taken photos of Vince here. Being elevated makes it a little easier for me to get on his level.

French Bulldog in pink heart glasses |

When using the sofa the windows are to the left and right and in the winter when the trees are bare, there is actually more light in the house on weekend mornings than in summer.

Dog Photo Studio at Home |

This is another room where the light is behind where I stand as the photographer and Vince sits on a blanket-covered ottoman.

French Bulldog yawning |

It is a pretty small space flanked by a door and open closet, which most would never know based on the final photos.

That is a quick tour around our house and how I use what I have to create a photography studio. It’s not professional, but I know a majority of those starting Instagram accounts for their dogs aren’t either!

Are you ready to create a photography studio at home so you can take thumb-stopping images for social media?

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Create a Dog Photography Studio at Home |

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