Dog Halloween Costumes – Ocean Theme

Can Vince pull of 31 days of Halloween Costumes?

If you follow on Vince on Instagram, you know he celebrates holidays like National Donut Day with gusto!

The question is could I pull together 31 dog Halloween costumes AND photograph Vince in them?

There’s only one way to find out and that’s by diving in head first into costumes that are under the sea and a shore thing!

French Bulldog Scuba Diver Halloween Costume

I misunderstood the depth of this situation


French Bulldog mermaid Halloween Costume

I washed up like this #flawless


French Bulldog Lobster Halloween Costume

I lobster and then I flounder


French Bulldog Shark Halloween Costume

When picking a costume, chews wisely


French Bulldog Pirate Halloween Costume

I wanted to pierce my ears, but it’s gonna cost a buccaneer!


French Bulldog Submarine Halloween Costume

Did you hear the joke about the submarine?
It didn’t go down well.


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6 Halloween Dog Costumes that are under the sea

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