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How to Remove Lingering Pet Odors

This post is sponsored by Tide One Wash Miracle. During quarantine, I’ve spent most of my time in two places: outside with Vince and inside the house cleaning. I usually do a deep cleaning in the Spring – the…

Vincecincy How to Stop Leash Pulling
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How to Stop Leash Pulling

Let me guess you landed here because you have a sweet, adorable French Bulldog with puppy eyes that can melt the hardest heart, but you want him to stop leash pulling. How to train your french bulldog to walk…

collagen care from the missing link
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Keeping Calm with The Missing Link

Keeping Calm with The Missing Link has been the theme of my year working with Vince especially walking loosely on a leash. To help keep him focused on training, I’ve sought out supplements to help him stay on task.…

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Create an Oral Health Routine for Your Dog

Disclosure: Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA Inc., reached out to bloggers like me to share our thoughts on new, FRONTLINE Oral Defense™ Daily Oral Chews. As a participant, I received compensation for my time. Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA…

How to Eliminate Dog Odors | vincecincy.coma
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How to Eliminate Dog Odors at Home

Does Vince sleep with me? Yes! Is Vince allowed on the furniture? Yes! You’re looking at the face of who runs this house! What’s Mine is His What’s the point of having a pup for companionship if we can’t…

5 things to consider When getting a 
french bulldog
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French Bulldogs: 5 Things to Know

You’ve seen the photos of adorable French Bulldogs on Instagram or Pinterest and you want one of your own. I don’t blame you, I met my friends’ frenchies and fell in love! Before you get caught up in the…