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French Bulldogs: 5 Things to Know

You’ve seen the photos of adorable French Bulldogs on Instagram or Pinterest and you want one of your own. I don’t blame you, I met my friends’ frenchies and fell in love! Before you get caught up in the instant desire to add to your family, consider

5 things to know when getting a French Bulldog

5 things to consider When getting a 
french bulldog |

French Bulldogs are in High Demand

In 2010, the French Bulldog won the non-sporting breed at Westminster for the first time. The popularity of the breed has increased since then and just like high demand for a product brings out low quality imitations, the same thing happens with dogs. Add in unscrupulous “sellers” who use the internet to prey on those emotionally invested in acquiring a French Bulldog and you can find many people who are without their dog or money.

French Bulldogs are expensive!

There is no inexpensive french bulldog. Due to their popularity along with costs to breed and deliver French Bulldog puppies, breeders will command a high price and rescues dealing with health care costs have no choice but to charge higher fees than other breeds to cover vet bills. You can find a variety of prices from breeders, but keep in mind that not all breeders are in for the health of the breed so much as earning money. Rescues often get frenchies when owners decide they can no longer handle their health care costs.

French Bulldogs Have Health Problems

From allergies to IVDD, if you’re planning to get a French Bulldog you would do well to read up on the health care issues that might arise in your frenchie and consider how you’ll fund them. Search Go Fund Me and You Caring for French Bulldog and you will get an eye-opening look at the health care issues and (shocking) costs. Insurance is a option to strongly consider in addition to having a well-funded savings account, especially if you rescue an older frenchie.

French Bulldogs are Stubborn

Training a French Bulldog requires just as much diligence if not more as training any puppy (and really dog training is about training the owner). They’re adorable, strong-willed, but strong-bodied so you’ll need approach to training with different tactics and tools like a front clip harness to help with walking on a leash and a crate to housebreak.

French Bulldogs Love Attention

They’re adorable and make great companions, but they also love a lot of attention. Vince is known as Velcro Vinny because he wants to be everywhere I am and/or he wants me to do what he wants to do. This isn’t a terrible thing for many owners, myself included, but a French Bulldog isn’t the kind of dog you get if you just want a dog around the house or leave in the backyard alone.

Those are five things to know about french bulldogs! Leave a comment if you want to add to the conversation.

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5 things to consider When getting a 
french bulldog |

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